The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc. - Uganda, Africa

One man s Voluntary Aid project in Africa providing direct no cost assistance in Health and Education to Uganda's poorest.


                                     Welcome, and please enjoy our website!

The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc. is a private, voluntarily operated, and independently    audited not-for-profit charity approved and registered by the Australian Government (ACNC), and operating in Uganda, East Africa since 2010.    

'Buyambi' (boo-yum-bee) is a Ugandan word for 'help' and also the name of the first village assisted.

Uganda is a country where more than half of it's 35 million population survive, or not, on just one simple meal between every 1 to 3 days. With the broad aim of improving their future 'Buyambi Love' provides educational and medical access for some of the most impoverished people in the world. In its short history it's successes have been significant as we address both long-term improvements and emergency issues.

As at 2016 and with a donated budget averaging just A$25,000 a year, our three school constructions alone have enabled education for more than 2060 children, with 400 more passing through every year. In addition the Project has provided a yearly average of 150 instances of diverse support including 9 major surgeries, quality medical treatments, with 10 kids and young adults presently sponsored long-term at schools and tertiary education, mentoring, business set-ups for single mums, crisis intervention, food assistance, rent bail-outs, etc,.

Buyambi Loves activities are overseen by an Australian based committee with it's Ugandan activities voluntarily managed and facilitated in country by it's Australian Founder and Director Vincent Kenny. (Brief bio below.)

Funded solely by the generosity of private individual donations it can be a busy, challenging, and confronting time too, maximising the most positive effect of every dollar in the midst of so much dire need. See how we achieve that at our pages 'Where the money goes' and 'Achievement PHOTOS' !

On behalf of Uganda's poorest folk, thanks so much for your interest and support which is both inspiring and deeply appreciated.


My kindest regards to you all,

Vinny.                                                                                                        (Vincent) Kenny,                                                                                 Project Founder and Director, The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc.            

It's that simple; 100% of donations providing direct urgent aid in support of long-term life opportunities of education and saving the lives of some of Uganda's most destitute people.

 Country context and perspective:

Here, Ugandans endure life under the traumatic effects of a 30 year period of fear and violent atrocities modeled by the primitive savagery of the likes of Idi Amin and Joseph Kony (1971-2003). This together with the advent of AIDS has bequeathed a country where 60% of its 35 million population are under 17. Community structures, values, and role- model elders were decimated. Uganda remains the 27th poorest country on Earth. In Uganda the average life expectancy in 2008 was 39.5 years and in 2012 just 49. Only 9% have electricity...only 38% get to primary school..and most of these can afford no further than Grade 4. Every week more than 500 girls between 15-24 still contract HIV. Despite a Christian religious dominance, primitive immature corruption rages behind a thin veil of oppressed progress.

Ultimately so many wars are fought over such conditions. For the victims it starts under the blanket, with a sense of frustration, fear, futility, and desperation. A preventable disease kills yet another loved child, rapidly changing climatic conditions ruin another crop, funding and opportunity stolen. The mad need for security soon rages, machete's swing, guns fire, savagery ensues, and an unnecessary tragedy of the 21st century human condition continues.

Through the provision of education and health support to Uganda's poorest we can provide opportunities for an improved equitable future. I have an ability to respond and with that I see a response-ability to assist. 

The Buyambi Love website is provided with integrity to inform you and ask you to join in this undertaking through your donation. In doing so you are very directly and precisely increasing life choices and reducing needless violence for some of our planets most needy. The positive flow-on effects are long term and unending.

Spend a few minutes here with us, I know you'll find it an inspiring, empowering, and rewarding experience. And please, also add your personal recommendation to this website address as you forward it on to as many as possible. Best wishes to all, Vincent.

Who is Vincent Kenny?

Vincent Kenny first arrived in Uganda on 27 April 2010 and has no working affiliation with any particular organisation or religious group. He was born in 1957, grew up in Melbourne Australia, and at age 35 shifted to the Northern New South Wales town of Mullumbimby where he maintains a home and is well known to many. During his life he has traveled in 28 countries world wide and Uganda is the 9th developing ('3rd World') country he has visited. Over much of his life he worked as a professional entertainer within the music industry, and also within the building industry. In 1989 he completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree and in 2006 returned to full time study and completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. He now shares life with his Ugandan partner and two sons Benja and Harry. 

" My time in Uganda has most strongly revealed to me my own life’s good fortune and has inspired me to assist people here in whatever way I can. On arrival here and in a position to do so, it became clear to me that like our own families at times, these folks need our help."