The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc. - Uganda, Africa

One man s Voluntary Aid project in Africa providing direct no cost assistance in Health and Education to Uganda's poorest.

 - A statement from community leader, Ugandan Chris Paul in 2010, 'Daddy' to 1000's.           

  Dear Reader,

“ Buyambi is a village area occupied by approximately 3,500 people in Central Uganda. It had a different name during the 1970's when civil-war mercilessly and savagely ravaged my country. But as survivors roamed through our region begging for help they were sent to a small church and clinic and our area became known as Buyambi which in English means Help. These wars continued through the 1980's when another peril befell us, that of HIV /AIDS. In those days no-one knew what it was and as we saw the ill become thinner and thinner as they died, it became simply known as 'Slim'.

After driving for two hours on a road full of pot holes one is certainly filled with compassion for the people living there below the poverty line, with lack of most basic human needs and subject to insufficient educational, health, water, and sanitation needs. No sufficient classrooms, children are squeezed in a few rooms there. Each room supposed to hold 40 students is filled to more than 100 students; more still, no sufficient water for drinking or using, in addition to that required by pit-latrines already getting filled with waste matter and smelling terribly.

When you get to the Health Center it is like getting from the saucepan into the fire as the English saying goes. Presently no much can be done to cater for the health although Sr. Betty taking care for the Health Center with her staff works day and night to the health needs of the population, but so much in vain due to the lack of sanitation, water, equipment and buildings in our grass roofed villages.

With my friend Vinny having compassion for these people we have been drawn by the scenery to work out most urgent priorities which we expect if supported and sponsored by all well wishers will greatly assist. If all that is urgently needed is put in place then the life of these poor and less privileged people will be transformed into a better and happier life.

All you can contribute will be received with gratitude and may God bless you.

I am Fr. Christopher Paul serving as In-Charge of the Schools in this region. I also work with Sr. Teddy the head teacher of the secondary school and Sr. Betty In-Charge of the Health Centre. Together as a team we try here and there to look for resources for the good of these people of God. ( Vinny insert: I wish to point out that at no time during my visit did anyone even hint that I do or contribute anything. ) We serve all without discrimination if Catholic, Anglican, Born Again, Muslim, and those classified as belonging to no denomination at all. For us, all are Human Beings, we love them, we serve them male and female with equality because they have been born and created by God. Despite their poverty, suffering and lack of basics of a good and happy life, just like you, these people love deeply.

We invite you our brothers and sisters to join hands with us through The Buyambi Love Project in responding to this noble task for humanity to which we all belong and share. My simple dream is for these people to have a happy life of opportunity beyond the massive limitations of past and present; and that they are able to overcome these limitations. Such is their basic Human Right prevented by circumstances here in Uganda.

  God Bless you. Chris ".

(Post script): In 2010 'Buyambi Love' built 4 new classrooms, 2 latrine blocks, a new girls dormitory, bathroom, and 3 ten thousand liter water tanks at Buyambi. This enabled an extra 250 students every year to go to school and still does. In addition, a new maternity building was added to the Community Clinic, and a new microscope, which alone has saved many lives with fast accurate diagnoses.