The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc. - Uganda, Africa

One man s Voluntary Aid project in Africa providing direct no cost assistance in Health and Education to Uganda's poorest.

Thanks so much for becoming part of Buyambi Love's work in Uganda!

 To donate by Debit / Credit Card: Click the yellow Donate button anywhere on this site.        No Paypal account is required, just scroll down the Paypal page to 'Don't have a Paypal         account?' on left hand side, and click 'Continue'. Too easy!

  In addition to this donation please consider a small recurring donation by ticking the Paypal    recurring payment box. Even $10 or $20 a month accumulates and allows the Project to        sponsor another child to school or provide another surgery. Thanks for your consideration.                              


      Or, if your bank is in Australia, you can save the Paypal fee (3%) by making a direct          transfer using Internet Bank or direct bank deposit to:                  

     Account name: The Buyambi Love Aid Project

        Bank BSB :      012 - 742   (ANZ)

     Account No:     2618 90195

     In addition to your bank receipt, we'd like to send you an official Project receipt and a            personal Thank You so please confirm your donation details to us at                              or at the following address: 


  To donate by Cheque:

  Made out to The Buyambi Love Aid Project and mailed to:

  The Buyambi Love Aid Project

  PO Box 1000,

  Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.  2482 


 PLEASE NOTE: We can easily multiply our collective efforts by inviting our friends  and contacts to join in. - This can be done easily via your facebook account ( ours is The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc.) or other social media or email quoting this website:    and /or our email at:

With heartfelt thanks for your support, please watch our day by day successes at Facebook: The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc.

 With kind regards,


  Vincent Kenny Founder and Director The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc.,                               Uganda, East Africa.

                    Facebook: The Buyambi Love Aid Project Inc.